Saturday, September 15, 2012

Selecting Wine Gifts Online

Finding the right gift for the wine lover in your life can be a challenge. There are several things to consider when shopping for such a gift. For more info in choosing california cabernet sauvgnon, follow the link. If you aren't sure what type of wine they like best, you'll need to narrow down your search in other ways.

One way to decide on a broad type is to consider the type of food the recipient enjoys the most. For friends who enjoy grilling, reds are a good choice as they are often paired with rich, grilled foods like steaks. If he or she prefers shellfish, a white is better. If the wine is for a celebration like an anniversary, graduation, or promotion, it's hard to go wrong with champagne. To narrow down your search, look for specific wine pairings to see which type of wine is best with some specific meal they enjoy. Take advantage of the many resources available on the topic to find the right option.

Glassware is another option for wine lovers. This is a good option for those who know, generally, the type of wine the recipient likes best. This is a good choice if you know which types your recipient likes to drink.

Again, consider the type of wine your recipient enjoys most often. Sparkling wines, like champagnes, should be served in flutes. A white wine glass is more tapered that a red wine glass, but less than a champagne flute, and can be any size. Red wine glasses, with their broad bowls, are good for cabernets, merlots, and chiantis. There are also specific glasses for sherries, ports, and other aperitifs. Follow the link for more information on ONEhope Wine. Wine glasses come in different qualities, not unlike wines, and casual glasses like stemless glasses, are good for the everyday wine drinker.

Remember that there are shipping restrictions on wine, so check the rules in your area before you decide what to send. Each state has its own rules on if and how alcohol can be shipped to their residents. Many states allow it in some circumstances while some outlaw it entirely. International shipping of alcohol is another matter entirely and only a few countries can receive shipments of alcohol from the US. It doesn't matter who you ship with. If you live in a state where shipping wine is illegal, or if your recipient does, you will not be able to purchase wine online.

These restrictions only apply to the wine itself, of course, and not related accessories. There are plenty of wine-related gifts that your recipient might enjoy that you can legally ship to them. In addition to glassware, popular choices include bottle openers or cappers, aerators, and wine storage. You might also want to send food items that partner well with wine, such as cheeses, fruits, and chocolates. Check out how to buy wine gifts online. Gift certificates are another good choice for those who cannot receive direct shipments of wine.

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